Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Somalia’s Defense Minister, Abdulkadir Mohamed Noor, has expressed deep concerns related to the consistent criticism from media and security experts towards the Government’s efforts in countering Al-Shabaab attacks.

During the closing event of a three-month military training program for the Danab Forces yesterday, the minister addressed these critics, specifically identifying them as former leaders, journalists, and influential community figures.

He highlighted that within this group, some provide financial support and encouragement to Al-Shabaab insurgents, further warning the people against their deceptive nature.

“Some of these people who advocate for use radio broadcasts to support them, circulating videos of Al-Shabaab with dubbed voices praising and supporting the actions done by the militants’ group. Others have established TV channels to promote their support and mislead the public. Their allegations are baseless,” Somalia’s Defense Minister said.

The minister cautioned the Defense Forces and the public against being influenced by individuals advocating for militants, particularly targeting journalists.

“I urge the Somali people and our Security Forces not to be misled by those supporting and advocating for Al-Shabaab. These so-called journalists have opened YouTube channels, TV shows, and other online platforms to assist Al-Shabaab. Don’t be misguided by them; Al-Shabaab is behind them,” the minister added.

The minister also noted the timely deployment of these current army’s, given that Al-Shabaab has gained control over some territories previously held by other forces.

The minister’s address came at a time when Somali security forces and the investigation agencies have faced constant criticism because of the frequent Al-Shabaab attacks. The attack on Jaalle Siyaad Military Training College has raised alarm over how the suicide-bomber accessed the highly-protected military camp.

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