Garowe(Mogadishu24)-Puntland State President, Said Abdullahi Deni, addressed the urgent need to consider developments in the SSC region and the progress in finalizing the constitution during his address to the state’s parliament on Wednesday.

President Deni expressed recognition for the interim leadership of SSC-Khatumo as an independent region separate from Somaliland.

“For too long, the SSC Region has endured inhumane attacks that have displaced thousands of innocent civilians, and killed hundreds, including women and children. These attacks were carried out by the Somaliland administration, targeting key public figures, particularly politicians and poets. The people of SSC have fought for their rights, and for the past two months, they have been free from such humiliation and torture,” President Deni said.

He expressed gratitude for the international community that has been closely monitoring the developments in Las’Anod and repeatedly called on Somaliland to cease its aggression against civilians.

President Deni urged the Federal Government of Somalia to enhance its support for the people of the SSC-Khatumo region and intervene in case of any escalation by the Somaliland administration.

“We extend our gratitude to the international community for standing with the people of this region and condemning the atrocities committed by the Somaliland administration. We also urge the federal government of Somalia not to wait for the matter to escalate but to provide urgent intervention if conflicts arise,” he added.

Deni also discussed the completion of the constitution, accusing the federal government of obstructing the finalization of the constitution.

He emphasized the vital role played by Puntland State in rebuilding the Somali government after its collapse in 1991, which led to a period of conflicts and civil wars.

“Puntland has been a key pillar in the reconstruction of a functional Somali Government after the civil war and has played an integral role in the implementation of federalism, which revitalized the functioning of government institutions in Mogadishu,” Deni stated.

He added, “Despite these efforts, it is clear that the Puntland administration and the Federal Government have long-standing disagreements related to the completion of the constitution. The federal government, led by President Hassan Sheikh, has become an obstacle to finalizing the constitution and has broken agreements with the state governments.”

The President voiced his opposition to the agreements made by the National Consultative Council (NCC) in Baidoa, stating that they would have huge implications to the unity of Somalia

“The communique issued by the Federal Government and its member states on May 26, 2023, in Baidoa contains threats that cannot be ignored, which will have negative impacts on the state-building efforts and unity of Somalia,” Deni continued.

“The Federal Government has declared that the country will have a President and a Deputy President, eliminating the Prime Minister’s Office. This will likely lead to political disputes in the country,” he added.

Puntland State leaders have refused to participate in several meetings between the federal government and its member states aimed at promoting peace and stability in the country.

President Deni stated that the National Consultative Council is not a constitutionally established body mandated to make decisions on emerging issues within the country.

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