Djibouti(Mogadishu24)- The Republic of Djibouti and the China Republic have taken strategic measures to foster their diplomatic and bilateral ties through the ruling political parties’ cooperation.

The Assistant Minister of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Zhu Rui, has on Sunday visited Djibouti where he was welcomed by the Djibouti’s Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Ilyas Mousa Dawaleh, who is serving as the Secretary General of the ruling RPP Party.

During the meeting, the leaders discussed strengthening of bilateral relations through party-to-party cooperation.

“Accompanied by my colleagues from the CE and CC of the RPP, we welcomed an important delegation from the PCC, led by HE Mr. ZHU RUI, Minister of the International Department of the CC of the Chinese Communist Party. We have enjoyed an excellent quality of Party-to-Party cooperation for more than 40 years and we are committed to further strengthening it,” stated Mr. Dawaleh, Djibouti’s Minister of Economy and Finance,

Mr. Zhu Rui, the Assistant Minister of the Chinese International Department, recognized the efforts of Djibouti’s ruling party in working for the welfare of the public and highlighted the purpose of his visit.

“I first congratulate Djibouti’s ruling party (RPP) for its commitment to serve the interests of the public. My primary objective for this visit is to strengthen the party-to-party cooperation between the ruling parties of China and Djibouti. Our two countries serve as an example for many nations because of the development projects that have been implemented by President Xi Jinping and President Ismail Omar Guelle,” said Mr. Zhu Rui.

Djibouti has garnered huge global attention due to its port facilities and strategically advantageous geographic position within the African continent. As a result, foreign nations such as France, the United States, Russia, and China have established military bases in Djibouti, engaging in a competition for influence and dominance within the nation.

China has been involved in implementing infrastructural development projects within Djibouti. These projects are expected to create thousands of jobs for Djiboutians, and increase Djibouti’s volume of trade within the African continent.

This infrastructural focus by China contributes to the realization of Djibouti’s “Vision Djibouti 2035” agenda, aiming to elevate Djibouti into a viable commercial trade hub for the broader African continent and promote the nation’s economy through improved regional transportation.

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