Shanghai(Mogadishu24)-Djibouti’s Minister of Energy, HE Mr. Yonis Ali Guedi, along with a high-level delegation, on Tuesday visited several salt and Energy production sites and industries in Weifang and Shanghai.

The delegation accompanying the Minister included his Technical Advisor, Mr. Mahdi Waberi Hassan, the Director of Natural Resources, Mr. Aden Heyd Ismael, and the Director General of the Port of Ghoubet, Mr. Abdo Mohamed Ali.

These field visits by the Djiboutian delegation were aimed at discussing best practices and sharing experiences in the areas of salt development and renewable energies in Djibouti.

“On the final day of his work visit to China, Djibouti’s Minister of Energy, Yonis Ali Guedi, along with his delegation, visited several salt production companies to engage in discussions about best practices and experience sharing in the fields of salt development and renewable energy within our country,” stated Djibouti’s Ministry of Energy on its official X account.

The Minister and the companies’ managers discussed potential business opportunities in Djibouti’s energy sector and focused areas of cooperation between the two countries.

Minister Yonis Ali Guedi visited the headquarters of the CCCC group, an industry that specializes in photovoltaic technologies in Shanghai.

The Minister also visited one of China’s largest factories for processing salt into by-products, owned by the Wanhua Chemical Group, which will now become the main buyer of salt from Djibouti.

Minister Yonis Ali Guedi and his delegation later visited a photovoltaic electricity station in Weifang with a capacity of 100 Megawatts. Half of its capacity is used in China to meet domestic needs, while the other half is exported worldwide.

The delegation also visited the Haiwang industrial park in Weifang, where salt from Lake Assal is processed and transformed into sodium bromide.

During his visit in Yantai, the Minister and the directors of the Chinese Group, Wanhua Chemical, had a productive meeting to finalize the sale of several million tons of Lake Assal salt to this company.

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