Beledweyne(Mogadishu24)-More than 30 people, mostly civilians died, and over 50 others were injured after a suicide truck bomb attack in Beledweyne town in Hiiraan region in central Somalia on Saturday, causing mass destruction of properties, residential areas including schools and affected education system.

Mr. Abdirahman Dahir Gure, the Hirshabelle Minister for Internal Affairs, stated that the explosion had completely destroyed more than 300 residential houses, 2 petrol stations, and more than 20 commercial areas near the checkpoint.

“The explosion has had a huge impact on us, from the loss of lives to the destruction of homes. It has destroyed 300 houses, 2 petrol stations, and more than 20 business centers near the checkpoint,” said Abdirahman, the state Minister of Internal Affairs.

The minister urged the Somali people to unite their efforts and fight against Al-Shabaab terrorists to prevent further security threats and called for humanitarian aid to be provided to those affected by the explosion.

He stated that the political differences between the leaders of Hiiraan and Hirshabelle State have created room for the resurgence of the terrorist organization.

“Since misunderstandings started between the leaders of Hiiraan and Hirshabelle State regional authorities, there has been no unity and cooperation between the security forces. This has given the terrorists the opportunity to access the checkpoints and conduct attacks in the city,” he added.

Searching efforts for missing individuals and bodies from the destroyed buildings is still ongoing.

“More than 300 houses have been completely destroyed, including schools, petrol stations, hospitals, and shops. Innocent people have died, some are undergoing treatment, and dozens are still missing. Search efforts are ongoing,” said one resident whose house was destroyed.

The explosion has also had a huge impact on the education sector, as schools have been destroyed, which disrupted the learning process.

Mujamac Primary and Secondary School, which had at least 1,500 students, was destroyed by the explosion, forcing students to stay at home.

Three days after the explosion, students of Mujamac school are still at home due to the lack of classrooms to study in.

Abdullahi Hassan Barkhadle, the Principal of Mujamac school, stated that they had released the students because all the classes had been completely demolished by the explosion.

“The school had over 1,500 students at different levels of studies, from pre-primary to primary and secondary school, but they couldn’t resume their studies due to the destruction caused by the explosion,” he added.

Beledweyne has been grappling with climate change and severe flooding from the River Shabelle, which has disrupted the learning process in the town.

On 20th May, the national examinations have been postponed due to the flooding, with students taking exams two months later than scheduled.

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