Djiobuti(Mogadishu24)- Djibouti is currently facing extreme heat as the temperature goes beyond 40 °C during this summer season. As a result, civilians are resorting to consuming cold water as tap water becomes excessively hot, throughout the months of June and July.

Furthermore, strong winds during the summer season have led to the spread of fires in markets and residential areas. The Djiboutian government has issued a warning, urging citizens to exercise heightened caution in light of the escalating fire incidents.

To address the situation, a government official from the emergency department emphasized the need for vigilance and swift reporting of fire outbreaks.

“During this summer period, we urge the people of Djibouti to be cautious and alert to any potential fire hazards. We have established an emergency hotline for immediate response. If anyone comes across a fire outbreak, please contact the hotline provided for emergency response,” the official said.

The entire world has witnessed severe climate change in recent years, increasingly impacting the livelihoods of pastoral communities, particularly in Djibouti.

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