Djibouti(Mogadishu24)- The Government of Djibouti and South Sudan have expressed their commitment to enhancing their bilateral ties through increased business cooperation.

In pursuit of this goal, a delegation from South Sudan arrived in Djibouti on Monday for a two-days meeting with their Djiboutian counterparts, focusing on various business-related issues.

As a landlocked country, South Sudan aims to leverage Djibouti’s strategic location, which boasts one of the finest and largest ports in the Horn of Africa, the Daroleh multipurpose port. By forging closer ties with Djibouti, South Sudan seeks to bolster its economic activities and facilitate the smooth movement of goods through Djibouti’s port facilities.

Officials from the Government of Djibouti welcomed the prospect of collaboration between the two nations, highlighting the potential for significant economic growth.

A government official remarked, “We have met here with the delegation from South Sudan. Our meeting encompasses several agendas concerning the two countries. The primary focus is on cooperation, considering South Sudan’s status as a landlocked country, which necessitates its utilization of Djibouti’s ports. Previous agreements and protocols have been signed between the countries, covering the use of the port and the establishment of telecommunications infrastructure, including the connection of fiber optic networks in South Sudan.”

The official further explained, “The meeting involves delegations from both countries, including representatives from the Ministries of Transport and Telecommunications, as well as high commissioners. We anticipate positive outcomes from this meeting, which will serve to strengthen the ties between Djibouti and South Sudan.”

The discussions between the two nations aim to pave the way for mutually beneficial arrangements, enabling South Sudan to efficiently access Djibouti’s port facilities while fostering trade and economic cooperation.

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