Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-The Republic of Djibouti has collaborated with the United Nations’ Organisation for Migration (IOM) to address refugees’ well-being and the increasing illegal immigration.

The Prime Minister of Djibouti, Abdoulkadir Kamil Mohamed, along with his delegation, engaged in a meeting on Sunday with IOM representative Tanja Pacifico in Obokh town.
The meeting focused on the discussion to deliberate on the social welfare of refugees and the increasing issues of illegal immigration.

The delegation emphasized the partnership between the Djiboutian government and the IOM organization.

Prime Minister Mohamed highlighted the need to curb the surge in illegal immigration through cooperative efforts between the government and organizations.

“Illegal immigration is rapidly increasing and posing a serious threat, particularly to our youth. It is important that our government and concerned organizations collaborate to address this challenge through awareness-building and enhancing the livelihoods of Djiboutian citizens,” stated the Prime Minister.

He further reaffirmed the government’s dedication to enhancing the social welfare of communities residing in refugee camps within Djibouti.

Tanja Pacifico, the IOM representative, provided addressed the far-reaching consequences of heightened illegal immigration on people’s lives and its impact on the country’s economy.

“The repercussions of illegal immigration on youth and those seeking such routes are many. It results in loss of life, immense suffering, and other physical and emotional disasters,” stated Pacifico.

“We are eager to collaborate with the government in addressing these issues and finding solutions. Moreover, we are committed to providing our utmost cooperation to the government, working hand in hand towards achieving our shared objectives,” she added.

Djibouti has played an important role in enhancing its governance, leadership, and service delivery to its citizens. This made by the Djiboutian government garnered international attention.

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