Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-The Republic of Djibouti has on Saturday launched its first satellite, Djibouti 1A, from the Vandenberg Space Force Base on-board the SpaceX Transporter-9 dedicated SSO rideshare mission.

Djibouti’s President, Ismail Omar Guelleh stated that the satellite would contribute to Djibouti’s economic development, marking a historic moment for the nation.

“This evening, with the successful take-off of DJIBOUTI-1A, our first satellite, Djibouti is entering a new era in space, contributing to the collection of crucial data for our nation,” said President Guelleh.

The satellite project is under the control of Djibouti’s Ministry of Higher Education and Research, with Djiboutian experts, trained in France, and foreign engineers involved.

Mr. Nabil Mohamed Ahmed, Djibouti’s Minister of Education mentioned that ten individuals, including engineers and technicians, were trained for this satellite project. This group will collaborate with companies involved in the satellite’s design, production, and software upgrades.

“Our objective was to make the satellite, not to buy it. Djibouti-1A has been manufactured by our students, showcasing our commitment to making this technological leap and demonstrating Djibouti’s capabilities,” stated Nabil Mohamed Ahmed, Minister of Higher Education and Research.

Djibouti’s Minister of Economy and Finance, Ilyas Mousa Dawaleh, emphasized that this milestone achievement reflects Djibouti’s commitment to technological progress and innovation.

“Djibouti and its Space’s Ambition now realized. Extremely happy for Our First ever Nano Satellite successfully launched by SpaceX. Small by size or Economy, But Big by Ambition. This Nano Satellite, 100% built by our young Djiboutian fellows. It’s all about commitment to technological progress and innovation.” Said Ilyas Mousa Dawaleh, Djibouti’s Minister of Economy and Finance.

This satellite will provide Djibouti with information about the entire country, including temperature, rainfall, and other essential data.

The launch of this satellite comes at a time when the world and Africa are experiencing climate changes with storms and heavy rains.

Djibouti has achieved important financial and institutional developments in sectors such as education, health, maritime affairs, and sports, as part of its 2035 vision.

Its strategic location in Africa, along with its unique natural resources, has positioned it as a key trade hub on the continent, attracting investments and strengthening bilateral relations with countries including France, the United States, Russia, Italy, China, and several Arab nations.

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