Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-At least 31 people have died, and more than a million have been affected after torrential rains hit major parts of the country, resulting in severe flooding, according to the Federal Government of Somalia.

The federal Minister of Information, Daud Aweis, reported that the death toll caused by the floods has reached 31 people, with a million people affected, including the displacement of over 500,000 people.

“At least 31 people died, and half a million others were displaced during the riverine floods in the country. The casualties might rise. The most affected area is Gedo region. We’re calling for the public to play their role in responding to this emergency situation,” said Minister Daud Aweis.

“We have gathered to discuss the impacts of floods in the country and emergency response actions to address these issues. We are collaborating with civil associations and Somali businesspeople to respond to this matter urgently,” he added.

Last week, the Federal Government of Somalia declared a ‘National Emergency Situation’ due to the heavy impacts of the rains on the people.

During a meeting with Somali businesspeople, Somalia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Salah Ahmed Jamaa, stressed that the situation could deteriorate further, especially considering the forecasts and warnings of additional rainfall and potential flooding.

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