Marrakesh(Mogadishu24)-Djibouti and Morocco have signed a A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a favorable framework for the development of cooperative actions between the Ministries of Health of the Republic of Djibouti and the Kingdom of Morocco.

The agreement was signed in Marrakesh city on Friday by Djibouti’s Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Roble Abdille, and his Moroccan counterpart, Khalid Aït Talib.

This agreement aims to establish strong ties between the health ministries and health organizations of the two countries.

It focuses on areas such as research, expertise, and training activities to strengthen the health systems of both nations and provide capacity-building training to medical students and health professionals to enhance their skills.

Mr. Ahmed Roble Abdille, Djibouti’s Minister of Health, emphasized the importance of this agreement for both countries.

“This agreement is crucial for our ongoing partnerships between Morocco and Djibouti. It will improve the health systems, structures, and training, with the operationalization of this agreement set to take effect in mid-October,” said Mr. Ahmed Roble Abdille.

Djibouti’s regional and international presence has grown as it actively participates in global and regional matters such as security and peace.

Its strategic location in Africa made Djibouti as a key trade hub for the continent, attracting countries like France, the US, Russia, Italy, China, and Arab countries to invest in and enhance their bilateral relations with Djibouti.

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