Ankara(Mogadishu24)-Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya reported on Sunday that a terrorist blew himself up and another was “neutralized” in a terrorist attack targeting the headquarters of the Turkish National Police in the capital Ankara.

Yerlikaya said in a social media post that two terrorists approached the entrance of the building in a light commercial vehicle and one of them blew himself up. He added that the other terrorist was “neutralized” in the ensuing shootout with police that also left two police officers slightly injured. “Neutralized” is a term used by Turkish authorities to describe terrorists captured dead or alive.

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the terrorist attack.

In relation to the attack, the Ankara Criminal Court of Peace has issued a media access and publication ban.

Following the explosion, police forces took increased security around the area.

The main Ataturk Boulevard was closed to traffic due to the explosion close to one of the gates of the Grand National Assembly.

Special operations police have also been dispatched to the scene. The fire brigade and medical teams are also on the scene.

The Grand National Assembly will open in the afternoon after a three-month break.

Source: Daily Sabah

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