Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-Republic of Djibouti Police forces on Wednesday evening provided details about deadly Bajaj accident which happened at an area close to the 4th District in the city and ordered drivers to respect traffic rules.

“Yesterday afternoon, a fatal accident occurred not far from the 4th District. 1 death (bajaj driver) and 7 injured, including 1 serious, are to be deplored. We remind drivers of tricycles (bajaj) to respect the driving rules in built-up areas which are 30km”, The Police said in a brief report.

The Police said that excessive speed is dangerous for both the driver and passengers, designiting that tricycle drivers do not respect the number of authorized passengers.

“These dangerous behaviors are often the main causes of accidents, often serious. Furthermore, ambulance drivers should be reminded to exercise caution on the roads and not abuse their right of way”, the Police said.

The Police forces shared photos depicting that Toyota vehicle and Bajaj collsion and victims laying on the ground, but they did not mention the two in their report.

Let’s respect the highway code and be careful and responsible while driving!

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