Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-The President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh, received Ivorian Minister of Women and Family Affairs, Nassénéba Touré, at the Djibouti Palace on Sunday to discuss cooperation between the two countries.

The minister visited Djibouti for a two-day official visit to sign agreements and foster people-to-people engagement between the two governments.

During her visit, the Ivorian minister engaged in discussions with her Djibouti counterpart, Ms. Muno Osman Adan, and signed crucial agreements to develop collaborations in the areas of women, family, and children affairs.

Ms. Touré expressed the Ivorian government’s commitment to strengthening cooperation and ties with the Djibouti government, particularly on improving women’s rights and the well-being of families.

“I’m happy to meet Djibouti’s President, who has been a key player in the promotion of peace in the Horn of Africa. This meeting is part of my two-day official visit to Djibouti, for which I am very thankful to my Djiboutian counterpart, who warmly welcomed me,” said Ms. Nassénéba, Ivorian minister.

“We have signed cooperation agreements between our two nations, which will be implemented within this year. We will work towards strengthening our relations with the Djibouti government, which has achieved important developments in recent years,” she added.

Djibouti’s Minister of Women and Family Affairs, Ms. Muno Osman, highlighted the longstanding relationship between Djibouti and Ivory Coast.

“We have received the Ivorian Minister of Women during her official visit to Djibouti to strengthen our long-term cooperation and ties. Djibouti and Ivory Coast have had longstanding economic and investment ties,” Minister Muno said.

She added, “Our cooperation and agreements span several areas, including human rights, trade and investment, and infrastructure. We are committed to working on the implementation of these agreements both technically and strategically.”

During their visit on Saturday and Sunday, the Ivorian minister and her Djiboutian counterpart toured children’s homes, women’s organizations, and institutions.

Among the other top officials present were Djibouti’s Minister of Women and Family Affairs, Ms. Muna Osman Adan; Djibouti’s Ambassador to Ivory Coast, Mr. Mohamed Burhan Ali; and the Honorary Consul of Ivory Coast to Djibouti, Mr. Tommy Tayaro.

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