Garowe(Mogadishu24)-Puntland State traditional elders have called for peace dialogue between the opposition and Puntland State President after heavily armed men, allied with the two parties, began military movements in Garowe on Sunday.

The opposition politicians have accused President Deni of deploying additional military troops in the city, alleging that they are intended to suppress the opposition in case of any disagreements.

Tensions escalated throughout the day as military presence was seen in strategic areas of the city, causing many families to flee their homes.

The armed forces eventually returned to their bases following intervention by community leaders.

The traditional elders expressed condemnation for the military presence that forced families to evacuate their homes, emphasizing the unfortunate impact on civilians.

“We condemn the military presence in the city today, which forced families to flee from their homes. Those responsible for protecting civilians are causing harm to them. Witnessing less fortunate civilians being displaced, with schools and businesses closed, is very unfortunate,” expressed one of the traditional elders.

“We met with the president, and he pledged to us that the army would stay in their bases. After inspecting the situation, all armed forces are now stationed in their bases. We encourage residents to return to their homes,” he added.

They urged the opposition politicians and the president to engage in peaceful dialogue to solve the election dispute.

Local sources stated that the opposition parties have raised concerns about Monday’s parliamentary debate on election amendments.

They politicians had previously accused the parliament of passing unconstitutional laws favouring President Deni.

This comes a day after President Said Abdullahi Deni expressed his readiness to engage in discussions with opposition politicians on electoral issues, stating that political differences should not lead to conflicts but rather a peaceful transition.

The armed forces allied to the opposition, and government forces clashed on 20th June this year, killing over 30 people and injuring more than 50 others, mostly civilians.

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