Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-The President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh, presented the Government’s achievements and goals for the 2023 fiscal year to the Cabinet Ministers of Djibouti on Tuesday.

During a meeting with the Ministers, the President retrospectively highlighted the accomplishments and tangible developments made by the government within this year.

“In 2023, there were political changes both at an international and regional level, while we are required to take advantage of the opportunities. I’m very honoured to have represented our country in the Brics Summit and also as the IGAD chair,” President Guelleh said.

The President reiterated the government’s commitment to play its role in international and regional politics through diplomatic relations to foster the economic growth of the country.

“We are committed to playing a very integral role in international and regional politics. Our diplomatic relations are very strong, guided by our goals for economic growth,” he added.

He pointed out the security challenges in the region and the role of the Djibouti National Army towards regional peace and stability.

In the face of increased road accidents, President Guelleh stated that his government is planning on road safety.

He added that the government is working on managing increased illegal immigration, as well as safeguarding and protecting their rights.

“We are working on road safety. We are setting road policies to reduce traffic and accidents. We are also working on the management of immigration and safeguarding immigrants’ rights,” he added.

President Guelleh mentioned the government’s proper housing project aimed at benefiting about 500,000 families residing in Djibouti city and nearby areas.

He stated that this project was aimed at providing affordable housing solutions to needy families in Djibouti.

“We have set proper housing projects that will benefit thousands of needy families in our country. The program provides essential housing support to families facing economic challenges due to the high cost of living,” he added.

The President underscored the infrastructural development plans within this year in education, health, and water sectors.

“We are also planning to develop our education sector, particularly the technical and skills department. This will give our youth the ability to serve the community with skills and effectiveness,” President Guelleh stated.

“In the health sector, we have launched and implemented the national health insurance cover that will provide free essential medical services to our people. We have also increased the number of doctors and equipped our hospitals with medicines,” he added.

President Guelleh congratulated the athletes who represented the country at the World Athletics Championships held in Budapest, Hungary.

He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to revitalizing and strengthening its institutions, particularly the sports sector.

Djibouti has played an important role in enhancing its governance, leadership, peace, and secuity in the Horn of Africa, which made the Djiboutian government garner international attention.

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