Dhusamareb(Mogadishu24)-The President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has expressed a strong support for the National Army and local community forces who stood at the forefront of the battle against Al-Shabaab.

The President mentioned the large areas the forces have covered and acknowledged the commitment of the forces to the fight against the terrorists group.

“If you look back at where we started this war and the land we have covered, it is really a big area. This came because of the bravery of our brave soldiers, along with local community forces, and their dedication to this mission,” he added.

He acknowledged that Somali forces have faced losses but remained hopeful about defeating the terrorist group.

“We have lost our sons in this fight, but in every war, there is death. The brave ones are those who keep fighting and eventually win. For us, we will keep fighting and won’t step back until we achieve the final victory we are aiming for,” president Hassan said.

The President talked about the attack in Cowsweyne area in Galgadud region, where Al-Shabaab claimed to have killed 180 soldiers.

He stated that the militants’ group actually buried their injured members due to a lack of hospitals for treatment.

President Hassan stated that this is the time for reward and accountability, stressing on the need to hold high-ranking officials who have committed offences accountable.

“Now is the time for rewards and accountability. Everyone will be rewarded or punished based on what they did. There are high-ranking government officials involved in serious offenses, and action will be taken against them.”

He added, “Those who try to halt or do undermine our forces and the operations are regarded as members of Al-Shabaab.”

He also called on the Somali people to join efforts and eliminate Al-Shabaab militants by supporting government forces financially, with ideas, and through strategy.

“At this hard time, we need everyone to join the government’s efforts and work with our forces by offering help, whether it’s money, ideas, or strategy,” he added.

Two days ago, Somali leaders reached agreements reached in the National Consultative Council’s meeting on matters security, particularly the offensive against Al-Shabaab militants.

“The Council stressed the need to sustain gains in the battlefield and revamp the security in the liberated areas,” read the joint statement by the National Consultative Council.

The Council also emphasized the need for a comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy and a united structure among the parties involved in the operations.

“The Council agreed to align the current operations to the National Counter-terrorism strategy. The Council agreed to establish a joint command structure for the offensive against Al-Shabaab,” the statement read.

“At this hard time, we need everyone to join the government’s efforts and work with our forces by offering help, whether it’s financial support, ideas, or strategies,” he added.

President Hassan’s speech at this evening comes two days after deadliest attack on SNA forces at Cowsweyne bases in Galgudud region by Al-Shabaab which created criticism and anger from the public while some people were calling for the president to action to the Minister of Defense and Army chiefs who were accused of to be behind of the military failure.

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