Djibouti(Mogadishu24)-Djibouti has on Monday firmly denied accusations from the Breakaway Republic of Somaliland officials that it supports rebel groups in the Awdal region. Djiboutian Minister of Finance, Ilyas M. Duwaleh labeled the claims as “false and baseless,” emphasizing the country’s commitment to regional peace and stability.

“Regretting false and baseless accusations coming from Somaliland officials. Djibouti is a place of togetherness and regional integration. An anchor for regional peace and stability. Not the other way round,” Duwaleh said.

Djibouti reiterated its stance on non-interference in the internal affairs of neighboring countries and underscored its role as a beacon of regional dialogue and cooperation.

“Let us make it crystal clear, we will always remain a beacon of regional dialogue, not a place of regional fragmentation. We value the principles of togetherness and always remain out of neighbors’ internal affairs,” Duwaleh added.

The Djiboutian official also pointed out that similar unfounded accusations were made in the past, where Djibouti was alleged to support Somaliland against the SSC region.

“Yesterday we were accused of supporting Somaliland against the SSC Region. Please do not involve Djibouti in your internal politics or campaign’s agenda,” he cautioned.

This statement underscored Djibouti’s commitment to fostering regional harmony and distancing itself from the internal conflicts of its neighbors.

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