Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Somalia commemorated its 64th Independence Day today, concluding a week-long celebration that began on June 26. The festivities showcased the nation’s military capabilities near the State House in Mogadishu, particularly along the main road, Maka-Al Mukarama, and at Daljirka Dahson (the Unknown Soldiers’ Tomb). Women, youth, and children participated enthusiastically, raising flags and carrying national uniforms.

Security measures were significantly heightened, with a strong presence of police and military personnel at key locations, leading to complete movement restrictions in certain areas.

Ongoing Challenges

This year’s celebrations come as Somalia faces several serious challenges, including ongoing security threats from Al-Shabaab. Despite a two-year military campaign against the group, significant progress remains elusive. Additionally, political tensions persist, particularly between Puntland State and the Federal Government, following the approval of four chapters of the amended provisional constitution. The diplomatic row between Ethiopia and Somalia also adds to the complexities.

Government Achievements

Despite these challenges, the Somali government highlighted several accomplishments, such as progress in debt relief, easing the arms embargo, and securing a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

International Congratulations

The international community extended warm congratulations to Somalia on its Independence Day. James Swan, Acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, conveyed his greetings:

“Hambalyo! Today’s celebration is an opportunity for all Somalis to take pride in the progress that is being made. On behalf of the UN family in Somalia, I reaffirm the UN’s support to work closely with Somalia’s people and their leaders to build a peaceful, stable, inclusive, and prosperous Somalia.”

The US Embassy in Mogadishu also sent a congratulatory message:

“Hambalyo! Your resilience and unending spirit inspire our lasting friendship.”

Similarly, the UK Embassy expressed its heartfelt congratulations, emphasizing the bond between the two nations and the hope for continued collaboration on global issues:

“As you and the people of Somalia celebrate the special occasion of your national Independence Day, my wife and I have great pleasure in conveying our heartfelt congratulations to Your Excellency and the Somali people. I value the bond between our nations and hope that our countries can continue to work closely together on important global issues, whether they be peace and prosperity, or environment and climate change, which will benefit our future generations for years to come.”

As Somalia celebrates its Independence Day, the nation reflects on its achievements and remains hopeful for a future of peace, stability, and prosperity.

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