Mogadishu (Mogadishu24)-Djiboutian Government on Monday concluded a training and held farewell ceremony for 817 soldiers at Maryam Military Academy in Arta District in Djibouti, in order, they might replace another batch under the African Transition Mission in Somalia.

Minister of Defense, Hassan Omar Mohamed and Army chief, General Sakariye Sheikh Ibrahim and other senior army officials attended the farewell, expressing commitment to stand side by side with Somalia and take part security and peacekeeping operations in the country.

“We are here for the farewell of the 11th batch of ‘Hiil-walal’ of Djiboutian troops going to take part the African Union Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia in which we serve in our brotherly country, Somalia. They will change batch-9 that were operating in Beledweyne town in Hiiraan region in the past two years”, Gen. Sakariye said.

 Sakariye said that despite de-escalating security tension in the region, they should give main priority to the country’s security and their interests in general while participating peacekeeping operations in Somalia.

“We were part of peacekeeping operations in Somalia since 2011. As though our capacity is limited and we decided to working that Somalia stand with its feet. ATMIS troops were drew down this year, in order, for the Somali Security forces can take security responsibility. We’re proud of Somalia to return its image again.  Work with ATMIS, and the Somali forces, don’t be afraid, bear in mind of the President’s support. We wish you success”, the Army Chief said to the troops.

In December 2011, Djibouti became the third country to contribute to AMISOM. The country has deployed a contingent of 960 troops into Somalia and they are based in Beledweyne which serves as Sector 4 headquarters which covers the Hiiraan region at the time.

According to the officials and regional authorities, the Djiboutian contingent often extend support to civilians in Beledweyne, helping to organize evacuations as heavy rains cause massive flooding in the region annually.

Djiboutian troops are based in Beledweyne, Bula-burte and Jalalaqsi towns in the same Hiiraan and fought side by side with the Somali National Army and the Ethiopian contingent in Hiiraan region in central Somalia during the mission. 

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