Addis Ababa(Mogadishu24)-Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed provided further details about the necessity of accessing sea to his country and the international and regional pressures facing his Government after signing MoU with the breakaway republic of Somaliland, giving sea access, but resulted in a diplomatic row with Somalia.

” When we setup navy, we had no agenda other that we want sea, the agenda is clear, we don’t want to violate any one’s sovereignty. for us , it is our only lung”, Abiy said while speaking his parliament in recent.

He said that Ethiopia has no intention to fire bullets on Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya or any one else of its neighbor in the region, pointing out U.S, China, European Union, Middle East Arab , South Africa and Africa to understand the situation.

“If Ethiopia’s claim is in breach of law and business and that cannot ensure the peace. Let them to talk to us and we will quit. But we are saying, let us discuss on it. Is there any one in the world that doest not say Red Sea is important to them?, Why is it taboo when we want it?”, he said.

Have we built the GERD to violate the sovereignty of Sudan ?, We have developed GERD to generate energy and to let water follow to our brothers throughout the year. We want Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia to benefit from the GERD”, the Prime Minister said.

Abiy Ahmed said that his Government did not want violate any one’s sovereignty and also wanted to invade any country.

Prime. Minister’s remarks came as the Somali Federal Government firmly refuted to the MoU between the Ethiopia and Somaliland, leasing 20 kilometers sea access to Ethiopia and Somalia got international support over respect of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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