Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Federal Member of Parliament, Hon. Abdullahi Mohamed Ali Sanbalolshe, addressed key improvements in the security of Mogadishu, acknowledging the efforts of the local community forces ‘Macawisley’ in effectively countering the Al-Shabaab terrorist group.

Speaking at an event on the security progress in the capital organized by the local municipality on Saturday, the member of the People’s Assembly emphasized the vital role played by Mawisley in enhancing defense against Al-Shabaab, preventing the group from causing further harm.

He highlighted specific locations, including Matabaan, Adan Yabal, and Shabellow, noting the impact of Mawisley’s actions in curbing violence and preventing attacks in various regions.

“The operations initiated in Matabaan and Adan Yabaal, extending beyond Shabellow, and the ongoing ones in Jex-jex, were possible because of Macawisley. The explosions which occurred in Buulaburte, Beledweyne, and Dhusamareb are the intended attacks for these areas. These attacks have also put the life of the Galmudug State president at risk,” said Sanbaloolshe.

The MP stressed that security is a collective responsibility, stating, “Security is the only place where everyone should work, but not everyone should lead.”

He addressed the recent ban on large weapons in the capital, advocating for a complete prohibition of arms in Mogadishu by the year 2024.

“In 2024, we need to ban the use of any kind of weapons in the city, as part of weapons and ammunition management and control,” he added.

The federal member of parliament addressed the positive changes in Mogadishu’s security landscape, achieved through collaborative efforts involving the Stabilization Force, Police, and NISA.

This event came in the wake of increased attacks by Al-Shabaab targeting politicians and government officials, as well as residential homes with mortar shells, killing civilians and politicians.

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