Gedo(Mogadishu24)-Members of the Somali Parliament have expressed deep concerns about the presence of Al-Shabaab militants in Geriley town. The MPs have also voiced disappointment at the lack of reinforcements for the government’s security forces.

Hon. Mursal M Khaliif, a member of the Federal Parliament who serves in the Defense Committee, highlighted the absence of reinforcements and logistical support for the government forces.

“5 days after Al-Shabab entered Geriley town, No reinforcements & No logistical support has reached the Somali Forces originally located there,” Hon. Mursal lamented.

He emphasized the urgent need for assistance from the international community to bolster the security forces and warned of the potential risks if the forces are not reinforced.

“If these Somali government forces are not reinforced by the international community immediately, Al-Shabab will definitely increase their foothold along the Kenya-Somalia border and more towns will fall under their control, jeopardizing the security & well-being of communities on both sides of the border,” he stated.

The Member of Parliament highlighted the community engagement efforts under the name ‘Maawisley’ in the ongoing fight against Al-Shabaab in the Hiiraan region. However, the MP stated that the success of the fight against Al-Shabaab relies on providing necessary support to the government security forces and local forces.

This statement comes at a time when Jubaland State’s Vice President, Mohamed Sayid Aden, visited the Gedo region. The vice president has previously expressed concerns about the ATMIS Drawdown, stating that the decision was made without due deliberation and without adequate consideration of its potential consequences for national security.

Six days ago, Al-Shabaab militants attacked Geriley town, successfully seizing Geriley base control from the Somali National Army and Jubbaland State Forces. Furthermore, they have also gained control of the Forward Operation Bases (FOB) that were vacated by the Kenya Defence Forces two weeks ago as part of Phase One of ATMIS Drawdown.

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