Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Federal Parliament of Somalia on Saturday concluded the Chapter 2 debate over changes and amendments made into the provisional constitution, intending to speed up legal discussions towards other chapters soon.

The Independent Constitutional Review Commission said that the commitment and dedication exhibited by the parliamentarians during this process highlighted their determination to ensure the protection and promotion of fundamental rights and duties for all citizens.

“The completion of parliamentary debate on proposed amendments to Chapter 2 marks an important milestone in amendment process. Today, the members of both Houses concluded the debate on chapter 2, which encompasses Art10 to 41. These outline fundamental rights and duties of citizen”, it said on X formerly twitter.

The Commission that the completion of the parliamentary debate on Chapter 2 signified an important milestone in the constitutional amendment process. “The thorough discussions and valuable contributions from MPs and senators have paved the way for a more robust and citizen-centric constitution”, it said.

Join sessions of the Federal Parliament continues debates related to the proposed amendments of the provisional constitution of Somalia which was incomplete in the past twelve years. Former Government officials and members of the lawmakers themselves apposed the on-going process for completion of the long-awaited move.

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