Beledweyne(Mogadishu24)-At least 6 people including waring parts were confirmed dead and others injured after fighting between forces loyal to Hirshabelle State and Hiiraan State began near administrative stations in Beledweyne town in Hiiraan region overnight, Mogadishu24 reported Thursday.

Residents confirmed that the fighting lasted more hours during the night, creating fear regarding to their safety, calling for the local community leaders to intervene the situation.

“What is going on in Beledweyne is tragedy, brothers who used to fight with Al-Shabaab together, are now fighting themselves. It is all about private and political interests, respect the holy month of Ramadan and stop the bloodshed, please”, Abdishakur Osman Ali, a TV journalist and local community member in Beledweyne wrote of his Facebook this morning.

Hirshabelle or Hiiraan State officials did not comment on the confrontation between the two sides so far, but the conflict existed since the foundation of Hirshabelle State in 2016 then worsened after President Ali Hussein Gudlawe sacked Governor of Hiiraan region, Ali Jeyte Osman.

Ali Jette Osman’s dismisal was related to misunderstanding about how to manage the tax revenue collected from Beledweyne city, showing that the conflict was based on economic resources at the time, then he was appointed to President of Hiiraan State.

Somali President Hassan Sh. Mohamud tried to intervene the situation and appointed Mr. Jeyte as his envoy for mobilizing local forces, Macawisley fighting Al-Shabaab in the region. This move did not stop the conflict in the region, but further escalated.

The on-going conflict came two days after Djiboutian troops left their bases in Beledweyne town more than a decade later due to security concerns.

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