Former Somali Prime Ministers Omar Abdirashid Sharmaarke, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas on Monday landed in Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland State in Somalia, aiming at seeking solutions to recent conflict in the region.

These conflicts emerged from a political deadlock resulting from a disagreement between President of Puntland State, Siad Abdullahi Deni, and the Opposition regarding motion proposed by the President on electoral reforms and seats.

Expressing optimism that a resolution can be achieved, former Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Omar Sharmaarke emphasized the need for customized solutions to tackle the prevailing issues. 

“As leaders who were born in this region, we are obligated to take responsibility and actively engage in addressing emerging problems to find sustainable solutions. It is not uncommon for issues to arise, even within the central government, as elections draw near. What we are witnessing now is part of that process. However, we are determined to find a way through these challenges, and I firmly believe that any disagreements can be resolved through negotiations and mutual understanding,” the former Prime Minister stated.

Moreover, the Former Puntland State President, Abdiweli Gaas, articulately addressed the situation, capturing the essence of their visit.

“We came because we received the concerns of the people. We have witnessed the problems and challenges that have recently unfolded in Garowe. It is not uncommon for such issues to arise during transition periods. Whenever problems emerge in Puntland, we have always come forward. Now, our aim is to foster a peaceful and prosperous Puntland, ensuring that as we move towards the elections, our people are united in one direction,” Said Abdiweli Gaas

The meeting in Garowe is aimed at bringing leaders together to engage in constructive dialogue and find a path forward amidst the political impasse. With their shared commitment to the well-being of the region, these leaders recognized the importance of addressing the challenges head-on and finding lasting solutions. It is an opportunity for open discussions and strategic planning, as they work towards a peaceful and prosperous future for Puntland.

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