Makka(Mogadishu24)-In a press conference today, Somali Minister of Religious Affairs Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Ali provided an update on the return of Somali pilgrims who recently completed their Hajj journey. He expressed satisfaction with the safe return of the pilgrims and shared important information regarding their experiences.

“Our entire Somali community who embarked on the sacred journey of Hajj this year have successfully returned, comprising a total of 11,650 individuals,” Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Ali announced. He clarified that the mentioned number specifically refers to those who officially completed the registration process through the Somali system.

Highlighting the commitment of the officials, the minister emphasized that they have remained by the side of the pilgrims throughout this journey, sharing in their experiences and standing with them in any situation that arises.

Regarding unfortunate incidents that occurred during the pilgrimage, Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Ali shared that there have been Somalis who died during the period of Hajj. 

“Our pilgrims who died this year consisted of four individuals, comprising two men and two women. Regrettably, one man lost his life in a road accident, while the other three passed away due to natural causes,” the Minister said.

He further mentioned that efforts are underway to trace and locate three missing pilgrims, aligning with the ongoing efforts of other countries in similar situations.

“Three others are missing and we are in the process of tracing those who are missing, similar to efforts being made by other countries. We are determined to locate them like others before them,” he added.

Furthermore, the minister also addressed the healthcare needs of the pilgrims with the majority of them experiencing health complications.

“Four pilgrims required surgical procedures due to health complications. There were others who faced challenging health conditions and, with the support of the Saudi government, were referred for further treatment; they were 60 pilgrims and the majority of them have now recovered,” Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Ali said.

The minister’s address highlighted both the successful return of Somali pilgrims from Hajj and the commitment of the Somali government to ensuring their well-being. The collaboration with Daalo Airlines and the support provided by the Saudi government for medical treatments exemplify the efforts made to prioritize the safety and care of Somali pilgrims.

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