Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Hormuud Salaam Foundation, the charitable agency of Hormuud Telecom and Salaam Somali Bank, has on Tuesday announced the donation of $1 million aid to support the people affected by the recent floods in Somalia.

In a statement, Hormuud mentioned that the contribution would be distributed as cash transfers through Hormuud Telecom’s mobile network, EVC Plus, ensuring quick and secure assistance for those in urgent need.

“The donation will be distributed as cash aid through Hormuud Telecom’s extensive mobile network, EVC Plus, ensuring support is provided quickly and securely to those in most need,” the statement reads.

The floods have caused widespread damage and displacement, forcing over two million people to flee their homes.

It has also cut to roads, bridges, and other infrastructure has left thousands without access to food and urgent medical care.

Mr. Abdullahi Nur Osman, CEO of the Hormuud Salaam Foundation, mentioned the severe impacts of the riverine floods on the Somali people and expressed condolences to the affected victims.

“On behalf of the senior management of Hormuud Telecom and Salaam Somali Bank, we extend our sincere condolences to the Somali people who are experiencing immense suffering due to the severe floods, resulting in significant losses of life and property, leaving many towns isolated and submerged, with water levels surpassing house heights”, He said.

“This year’s unprecedented floods have inflicted profound and widespread displacement. Its effects have been compounded by previous years’ droughts, which continue to impact the nation’s recovery from challenging conditions,” Osman said.

He announced that the Hormuud Foundation pledges $1 million in aid donations to the most affected families and reiterated their commitment to providing relief and rescue efforts to the most vulnerable communities.

“In response to these catastrophic floods, the Hormuud Salaam Foundation pledges a donation of one million dollars to aid those affected, with swift delivery anticipated.”

“Our commitment remains steadfast as we closely monitor and support those impacted by these devastating floods. The senior management and staff of Hormuud Telecom and Salaam Somali Bank are actively engaged in relief and rescue efforts to assist our affected communities during this challenging period.

The CEO further called on different relevant individuals, including well-wishers and the diaspora community, to provide additional support to the affected people.

“We call on all Somali people, wherever they are in the country and diaspora, to stand up and help the Somali people who have suffered from the massive floods,” he said.

Hormuud has long supported the most vulnerable communities in Somalia during times of need and humanitarian crises. The company has provided humanitarian assistance to thousands of people affected by conflict, climate shocks, and other natural disasters.

Hormuud, through its charitable agencies, has improved several key sectors in Somalia, including water and sanitation, education, health, trade, and business.

The telecommunications company has offered educational scholarships to thousands of needy Somali students and provided start-up capital for business-oriented innovations.

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