Nairobi(Mogadishu24)-Somalia’s international partners condemned the recent fights in Las’anod between the Somaliland Army and the SSC-Khatumo forces.

In a joint statement issued on Sunday, the international partners have condemned the conflict and highlighted reports that the conflicts may spread beyond Las’Anod town.

“International partners strongly condemn the escalation of conflict in Laascaanood, including reports of fighting spreading outside the town,” read the joint statement from the international community.

They urged all parties involved in the conflict to put down their arms and agree to an immediate ceasefire.

They further called on the warring parties to end the dangerous mobilization of fighters and stop the supply and exchange of weaponry to ensure that the situation does not escalate further.

“We urge all sides to agree to an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. We call for an end to the mobilisation of fighters and to the provision of supplies and armaments,” the statement reads.

The partners have expressed grave concerns about the large numbers of detainees and called for all parties to adhere to human rights and international humanitarian law and protect the rights of the detainees.

“We are deeply concerned about reports of large numbers of detainees and expect those involved to abide by human rights and international humanitarian law, in particular the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure,” the statement added.

They further reiterated the importance of ensuring the unhindered humanitarian access and delivery of assistance to the people who were affected by the prolonged conflicts in the town.

Furthermore, the international partners called on all parties to refrain from using inflammatory language that could further incite violence and called for resolution through peaceful dialogue.

“We urge all parties to refrain from divisive rhetoric. All grievances and tensions should be resolved peacefully and through dialogue,” the joint statement reads.

This statement comes barely three days a fierce battle between the Somaliland Army and SSC forces erupted in Goja’ade Military Base, in the outskirts of Lasanood town.

The SSC-khatumo forces claimed to have killed dozens of Somaliland soldiers and detained more than 200 others, as well as taking control of the military base.

The Somaliland Administration has admitted defeat in the fight and declared to seek revenge against the SSC forces, stating that the recent defeat would not undermine their military strength.

“We faced a huge defeat yesterday, but I strongly believe that our national sovereignty remains intact and would not be affected by the loss. We shall overcome from this and seek revenge against our enemies,” Somaliland’s President Musa Bihi said, speaking a day after the fight in Las’Anod.

The conflicts in Las’anod has been going on for eight months since 6th February 2023, as a result of public protest against discrimination and extrajudicial killings targeted at the political leaders, intellectual and important figures among the public.

Due to the conflicts, the international community has previously called for peaceful dialogue and investigations into the indiscriminate attacks in Las’anod town, which have gone unanswered.

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