Dhusamareb(Mogadishu24)-Somali Leaders concluded the two-day National Consultative Council’s meeting on Sunday, held in Dhusamareb, the administrative capital of Galmudug State in Somalia.

The Council released a joint statement on the agreements reached in the meeting on matters security, particularly the offensive against Al-Shabaab militants.

“The Council stressed the need sustain gains in the battlefield and revamp the security in the liberated areas,” the statement reads.

The Council also emphasized the need for a comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy and a united structure among the parties involved in the operations.

“The Council agreed to align the current operations to the National Counter-terrorism strategy. The Council agreed to establish a joint command structure for the offensive against Al-Shabaab,” the statement read in parts.

The Council further stated the need to double efforts to stabilize the newly liberated areas and ordered the concerned government institutions to provide essential services to the people living in those areas.

“Emphasizing the critical importance of the hard-won gains for the Somali people, the council directed all the government agencies to unite stabilization efforts to provide core governance and public services to the communities in the recovered areas,” the statement added.

They have called on the International Community, Somali businessmen, and the well-wishers to take part in the stabilization of this area by providing humanitarian assistance.

The Council agreed to support the government’s efforts in the second phase of the operation to liberate the areas in Jubbaland, Southwest, and Hirshabelle States, which are still under the control of Al-Shabaab.

“ The council agreed to jointly accelerate preparation for the second face to liberate the remaining areas in Jubbaland, Southwest and Hirshabelle,” reads the statement.

Moreover, the Council called on Al-Shabaab fighters to take the opportunity of the amnesty offered by the government and defect from the terrorist group.

“The Council calls on Al-Shabaab fighters to take advantage of the amnesty extended by the government and denounce terrorists ideology,” adds the statement.

The Council have agreed to embark on a reconciliation mission among the warring communities in the country and collaborate with the National Reconciliation Framework to implement nationwide people-to-people reconciliation.

The Council expressed deep concerns over the escalating conflicts in Las’anod and called for both parties to engage in a peaceful dialogue.

“The council raises concerns over the renewed violence in Las’Anod and further calls on the sides to show maximum restraint and takes steps to reduce the tension.”

The council also called on the parties to safeguard prisoners’ rights, as well as calling for critical life-saving assistance to the displaced communities.

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