Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-The Somalia’s regional State in Ethiopia launched mass greening campaign initiatives which aims at planting five million trees as part of combatting challenges related to climate change.

“The ongoing tree-planting campaign over the past two weeks is a crucial initiative aimed at mitigating the impacts of unpredictable climate change. It is an integral component of our country’s greenification program,” Information Minister, Abdikadir Rashid Duale said.

The program involves planting 500 million trees across the country, with 5 million trees designated for the Ethiopia’s Somali State. Out of the 5 million, 1 million trees are specifically planned for the capital city of Jigjiga.

“we have made the decision to observe Environment Day nationwide. On this day, our objective is to plant 5 million trees throughout our region, taking into account the population of each town to ensure the trees’ survival. Jigjiga will be given priority, with 1 million out of the 5 million trees being planted there”, he added.

The remaining 4 million trees will be distributed among various regions, local governments, and municipalities.

Specifically, the capital city’s portion of 1 million trees will be strategically planted in 44 locations, mostly education centers such as primary schools, colleges and universities

As severe climate change continues to impact Ethiopia and the rest of the world over the past years, this campaign aims to address the environmental challenges and demonstrate the country’s dedication to cultivating a greener and more sustainable future.

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