Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Somalia’s Paramilitary forces have conducted a strict operation in Deynile aimed at bolstering security in Mogadishu overnight. The forces initiated an operation that involved searching all vehicles using the roads within the district, in an effort to prevent frequent Al-Shabaab attacks.

Abdirizack Abdullahi Mooge, the Commander of the Paramilitary forces emphasized that the operation is part of their responsibility to safeguard the lives of citizens.

“As have taken an oath to protect our civilians and country, as such we are conducting this operation in the southern part of Deynile. Our goal is to ensure the safety of innocent civilians by capturing any potential threats to our security,” stated the Commander.

Highlighting the importance of countering the persistent Al-Shabaab attacks in the city, the Commander emphasized the need for thoroughness and caution.

“We have decided to conduct meticulous searches and remain vigilant against the enemy to prevent further attacks and avoid being caught off guard,” he emphasized.

This paramilitary operation follows an attack by Al-Shabaab militants on a security checkpoint in Deynile district the previous day, resulting in the deaths of three government security officers and one civilian. However, Al-Shabaab militants have claimed to have killed nine security officers and injured thirteen others.

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