Bardhere(Mogadishu24)-Jubba river on Thursday afternoon flooded into farming lands and residential areas in Luuq, Dolow and Bardhere towns in Gedo region, causing displacement of hundreds of families and destroying growing crops on farms.

According to regional authorities and residents, the floods by the Jubba river came after heavy rains that leveled above the river bed and then broke its banks.

“We had 20 hectars of farming land with sesame crop near the river of Bardhere, the river floods filled with whole farm and there is no hope of harvesting that crop totally”, Abdirahman told Mogadishu24 by phone.

Local authorities say there are no human casualties so far, telling that impacted families face difficult situations and need emergency support.

In October, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warned of the risk of flooding in the Shabelle and Jubba rivers ahead of the anticipated rains and El Niño floods expected to hit Somalia.

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