Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Somalia’ Court of the Armed Forces on Thursday issued verdicts in a case involving Sheegow Ahmed Ali and 21 of his bodyguards, passing judgment on multiple charges, including murder, robbery, holding fake government positions, money laundering, creating false documents, and other acts of insecurity in Mogadishu.

Sheegow Ahmed Ali has been ordered to pay compensation for the death of Sakariye Mohamed Ali, who died as a result of his actions. He was also ordered to compensate police officer, Abdullahi Hussein Abdukadir, whom he injured.

Ahmed Mohamed Hassan (Abi Ahmed) has been sentenced to death after being found guilty of killing two people in Jowhar in February of this year.

The court has sentenced 18 suspects to six years in jail, while two other others received five-year sentences for their involvement in a theft case.

Deekow, who was accused of funding militants affiliated with General Sheegow, has been sentenced to three years in jail.

Over the past few days, hundreds have gathered in the streets of Mogadishu to protest against what they call ‘the illegal arrests and detention’ of General Sheegow Ahmed Ali.

The protesters argue that Captain Sheegow’s arrest was unlawful and based on tribal profiling, while also citing an unjust and unfair court process.

“General Sheegow is an officer who has served in the National Army, and his arrest was illegal. Today, we are here to show our strong support for him and others who were unlawfully arrested alongside him,” affirmed one of his supporters.

The supporters have accused top leaders of the federal government of orchestrating the arrest based on community profiling.

General Sheegow and his staff were arrested on 20th August after a fierce confrontation between a group of armed men led by him and the police forces in Dharkenley district.

After the clash, the police announced that one soldier from the Paramilitary police department was killed, while two members of the armed group were killed, and several others sustained injuries.

The police also claimed to have killed four of General Sheegow’s armed men and arrested him along with 17 others.

The arrest of Sheegow Ahmed Ali and his team has sparked mixed reactions, with analysts linking it to tribal profiling.

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