At least two people were killed and several others injured overnight and on Thursday morning as Kenya Defense Forces’ warplanes unleashed bombings on El Adde town in the Gedo region southern Somalia.

The victims of this tragic attack have been identified as Sheikh Abdirahman Sheikh Abdullahi and a man known as Miskinow. Both innocent civilians were caught in the crossfire of the KDF airstrikes.

There has been no official comment from the Gedo regional government regarding this horrific incident involving the Kenya Defense Forces. Similarly, the Kenyan Government has refrained from making any statements regarding the incident.

The Kenya Defense Forces are part of the contingent African Transition Mission (ATMIS) forces deployed in Somalia for a peacekeeping mission. However, Kenyan planes have repeatedly carried out such attacks in the Gedo region, resulting in the loss of numerous innocent lives and livestock.

Al-Shabaab Militants have on January 2016 attacked a Kenyan-run army base in El Adde, which one of the deadliest attacks on the AMISOM Peace Support Mission .

This comes a week after such operations were conducted in Jilib and Sakow districts in middle Juba region with civilian cassualties and destruction of one of leading tellecomucation campanies in Somalia, Hormuz by Kenyan warplanes.

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