Somalia’s fight against corruption has made significant strides as Government agencies reveal a shocking embezzlement of approximately 21 million dollars. These funds, collected from the public, were never deposited into the Government’s treasury, exposing a grave misuse of public resources.

In a press statement on Wednesday, the Auditor General, Ahmed Issa Gutale announced the completion of the initial phase of the forensic investigation. The investigation involved meticulous procedures to record, calculate, and document the income generated by the Somali government from diverse sources.

Mr. Ahmed Issa Gutale emphasized that the investigation specifically scrutinized the recording, accounting, and filing systems related to the estimated sum of 21 million dollars. It was confirmed that these funds, although collected, did not reach the Somali government’s treasury.

“The investigation also focused on the recording, accounting, and filing systems related to an estimated sum of 21 million dollars, which the Auditor General confirmed that it was taken at the point of collection but didn’t reach the treasury of the government of Somalia. So, confidential draft report regarding these findings is currently in the hands of the Attorney General, who is responsible for the prosecution process,” Mr. Ahmed Issa Gutale said.

The Auditor General highlighted that the report is currently a draft and may undergo changes during the court proceedings.

“The report is confidential and a draft refers to the report being in the hands of the prosecutor, which limits the information I can provide. Additionally, being a draft, changes may occur during the court proceedings, including the possibility of adding new accused persons or removing previous ones,” he added.

The Auditor General drew a parallel between those involved in corruption and common thieves, strongly condemning the embezzlement of Somalia’s resources. He urged the public to actively join the fight against corruption.

Somalia has grappled with pervasive corruption, prompting widespread criticism and allegations directed at high-ranking government officials. Recent events include the arrest of Abdullahi Mohamed Ali, the former Director General of Somalia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Issues, on corruption charges. Yussuf Moallim Wadani has since assumed the role of Director General.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has vowed to protect public funds and promote transparency in governance. Addressing the Somali people during Eidhul-Adha, the President reiterated his commitment to thoroughly investigate individuals involved in embezzlement and misappropriation of public resources.

“The Government of Somalia will not tolerate the diversion of funds intended for the welfare of the vulnerable. We will not allow hardworking citizens’ earnings to be exploited for personal gain. I solemnly swear before God that such acts will never be permitted,” the President said.

While progress is being made in Somalia’s fight against corruption, the appointment of the Anti-Corruption Committee has faced delays following the disbandment of the previous committee members.

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