Nairobi, Kenya(Mogadishu24)-The Government of Kenya and the United States have voiced serious concerns regarding the escalating frequency of attacks by the extremist group Al-Shabaab in the country, targeting both civilians and security forces.

During a ceremony held at the United States Embassy in Nairobi to commemorate America’s 247th Independence Day, leaders from both nations emphasized the importance of collaboration in the fight against Al-Shabaab.

Ambassador Weg Whitman, America’s ambassador to Kenya, highlighted the significance of joint efforts in countering Al-Shabaab.

“The attacks on the KDF and the Kenya Police on the border of Somalia and Kenya underscore the need to make sure we are vigilant and we partner together to defeat Al-shabaab. It is a threat to Americans, it is a threat to Kenyans, and frankly it is a threat to the entire continent,” Ambassador Whitman stressed.

Musalia Mudavadi, Kenya’s Prime Cabinet Secretary, acknowledged the fruitful cooperation between the two nations in preventing numerous other attacks.

“Through the collaboration, the government of Kenya has been able to forestall so many other attacks. So our cooperation with them is necessary, it has been very useful and we can only strengthen it,” stated Mudavadi, Kenya’s Prime Cabinet Secretary.

Over the past two months, Al-Shabaab has carried out a series of deadly attacks in Kenya, resulting in the loss of more than 20 lives, with the majority being security forces that tragically fell victim to landmine explosions. It has also targeted civilians, including the beheading of five individuals, including a Form 3 student, two weeks ago in Salama and Juhudi, located in Mkunubi Division of Lamu County, Kenya.

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