Galgudub(Mogadishu24)-A Kenyan doctor, Musa Jazan operating at a hospital in Galdogob town in Mdugu region, has made a surprising farm production into a land where many Somalis assumed to be infertile land.

According to the locals in Galdogob city, the doctor requested piece of land from the local authorities for farming purposes and he was given, growing watermelon and other plants.

Months later, the Kenyan doctor, Musa Jazan appeared, standing in his farm and holding one piece of water by the arm, and produced large amount of watermelon from the land thought to infertile. His photos went viral through social platforms, attracting positive reactions during this week.

Dr. Musa Jazan expressed his feeling with pleasure after receiving comments through his colleague from the Somalis in and the outside the country, saying the land was productive and encouraged others to cultivate farms.

“The land is good and is productive for everything including watermelon, we have got here at least 20 kgs, an average of watermelon in Somalia, so everything is productive and come and we do farming”, Musa Jazan said in video clip.

Galdogob town is Mudug region under Puntland State in Somalia and it is not common for farming or Agriculture as there are not rivers which can be used for irrigation there, but farming lands start from Hiiraan region in central parts of the country to Juba regions in the southern parts in Somalia.

This move is expected to encourage locals to do farming in the next seasons.

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