Mandhere(Mogadishu24)-The Kenyan Government has defied a court order that prohibited an increase in fuel taxes from 8 to 16 percent, as proposed in the 2023 finance bill signed by President William Ruto last week.

Starting from July 1st, fuel prices have been hiked by 8 percent, leading to public outrage. The general public has been significantly affected, with Public Service Vehicles adjusting their fares and taxis and motorbikes raising their prices accordingly.

In Mandera County, located along the borders of Ethiopia and Somalia, residents have resorted to alternative sources of fuel from Somalia as fuel prices in Kenya have surged to 210 shillings per liter in the county. This marks a difference of 50 shillings, as petrol costs 160 shillings per liter in Beled-hawo town, just a few kilometers away from Mandera.

“Getting fuel from the stations in Mandera has become difficult, and many of us now go for the cheaper fuel from Somalia,” said Mr. Mohamed Adan, a taxi driver in Mandera.

He added that the exorbitant costs of fuel in Mandera have compelled them to opt for this alternative option.

“While the fuel from Somalia may not be of the highest quality, we have no option since the fuel in Kenya has become expensive and unaffordable,” he explained.

During his campaign, President William Ruto had promised to reduce the cost of living and fuel prices in his first few months in office. However, many Kenyans now view those promises as mere hot air, as the cost of living continues to rise.

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