The Somali Embassy in Kenya has on Sunday refuted reports and dismissed claims that it has been ordered to pay 23 million shillings by a disputes court in Kenya.

Habib Mohamed Igaal, the Counsel of the Somali Embassy in Kenya, stated that the Embassy had not received any information about a legal case pertaining to the alleged breach of contract.

Igaal emphasized that the news of the court ruling had solely been disseminated through the media. Furthermore, he pointed out that there was no construction company that had a verbal or written agreement with the government of Somalia or the plaintiff company.
He stated that the Embassy had not been officially notified of any judgment against them, and therefore, no compensation was expected to be paid.

The statement from Mr. Igaal came in response to several prominent Kenyan news stations that had published articles accusing the Somali Embassy of breaching a contract with Kingsley Construction Limited.
According to the reports, the construction company was contracted by the Embassy to carry out renovation work in 2016. Subsequently, in 2019, Kingsley Construction filed a lawsuit alleging that the contract had been violated. In June 2023, it was reported that the Somali government had been ordered to pay a fine of 23 million shillings as compensation.

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