Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-A massive fire broke out on Sunday night at the Jiiddada Market near Wehliye Hotel in Mogadishu’s Howlwadaag district, causing extensive damage and property loss worth millions.

The fire started in the early hours of the night and continued for hours, destroying numerous businesses, although no casualties have been reported. The cause of the fire remains unclear.

Business owners who have suffered significant losses expressed deep concern over the devastating incident and the extensive damage.

“I had a shop where I used to sell food items and charcoal, and my shop has been completely destroyed by the fire. It was the only source of income I had to meet my family’s basic needs,” said one of the businesswomen whose shop was reduced to ashes.

The affected business owners have called on well-wishers, non-governmental organizations, and the government to come to their aid and assist them in overcoming these losses during this challenging time.

“After this devastating fire, many of us who were the sole breadwinners for our families lost properties worth millions. We appeal to well-wishers and the government to support us,” said an elderly man who also suffered property losses in the fire.

Although the fire completely destroyed the market, the district’s firefighters arrived to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby businesses and residential homes.

Frequent night-time fires have become an increasing concern in markets located in Somali-dominant areas, with the causes behind these fires remaining unknown.

This year alone, Jigjiga’s Taiwan Market, Wajale’s clothes market, Fadhi-same electronic industry in Bossaso, Dervish Market in Beledweyne, and residential areas have been reduced to ashes due to devastating nighttime fires.

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