Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Somalia’s Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs on Sunday eveningannounced requirements for companies, organizations, and travel agencies wishing to compete for next year’s Hajj service provision.

In a statement, the ministry outlined the requirements that all airline companies must meet before participating the competition.

“The Committee responsible for overseeing the competition for Hajj Services for 1445/2025, in line with its responsibilities, is informing airline companies about the competition for transporting Somali pilgrims. The committee is hereby announcing the requirements for companies interested in participating in the competition,” the statement reads.

Below are th requirements for Companies Competing for Hajj Service Provision:

1.         The company must submit a written application in the Somali language, signed by the company’s Director.

2.         The company should provide a profile in the Somali language, including the company’s address, centers, and offices.

3.         The company must have a functional office located within Somalia.

4.         The airline company must have at least three years of experience in transporting Somali pilgrims.

5.         The company should be registered with an insurance service provider and submit a valid copy of the insurance certificate.

6.         The company should not have faced a final criminal conviction within the past five years.

7.         The company should have a flight license from the Somali Civil Aviation Authority and a valid license from the Ministry of Trade and Commerce.

8.         All competing companies should be taxpayers and must submit valid Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) from the Ministry of Finance.

9.         The company’s name should not match that of another competing company for the same Hajj services.

10.       The company must provide the bank statements for the last six months.

11.       The company must have at least four airplanes, and it should provide documents proving their capacity, type, and safety.

12.       The company should submit a direct flight license from both Somalia and Saudi Arabia.

13.       The company should offer direct flights for Somali pilgrims to and from Saudi Arabia without transiting through another country.

14.       The company must be ready to provide a warrant guarantee of 25% of the total Somali pilgrim ticket price, which will be refunded upon completion of its duties.

15.       The company should be capable of transporting Somali pilgrims from designated airports within the Federal Republic of Somalia.

16.       The company must submit the minimum final price for the Somali pilgrim ticket price for the year 1445/2024.

17.       The winning company providing transportation services for Somali pilgrims will enter into a contract with the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs.

18.       Companies interested in participating in the competition should send their applications (hard copy) to the office of the Hajj and Umrah Affairs Department of the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in hard copy. 

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