Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-People in the capital Mogadishu are experiencing the absence of mainly consumed meat the second consecutive day as camel meat association on strike, following rise of extra tax on their business product.

The association announced that they stopped slaughtering the camels because of extra 4 dollars on each camel in which the Federal Government of Somalia imposed on them, adding they will be strike until the Government intervene the situation and finds solution to the problem.

In the capital Mogadishu, the consumption of the main meat for whole population is the camel meat then chevon and muttons from the goats and sheep while the beef is not common.

“We did not buy the camel meat the second day because the meat sellers did not bring it, the whole markets are empty, we are cooking tomato sauce for our children and the family because the other meat like the mutton is expensive and we cannot afford to buy it every morning”, Fahmo, a mother of six told Mogadishu24.

” I am businessman based in Hamarweyne district and I used to sell camel meat here in Hamar-weyne district market because the camels were not slaughtered throughout Benadir region of extra tax which was termed as vetting, and we could not afford. it is for the Government to do. You see and I am selling goats’ meat here”, a meat seller told Mogadishu24.

It is not known how and when the Federal Government of Somalia will handle the complaints of the camel meat associations which impacted the lives of thousands of people who depended on the income of such business and others consumers are currently thinking alternatives of missing their daily meat.

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