Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Number of young, Somali Children with heart diseases on Sunday departed from the capital Mogadishu to Niguarda Hospital in Lombardy region in Italy where they will be cured according to diplomatic sources.

“A first group of Somali minors with heart diseases who will be cured in Italy departed from Mogadishu. The initiative was realised by the Italian NGO GRT, the association of the Somali community of “Mother and Child Care”, Niguarda Hospital, the Lombardy Region and @hsfsomalia“, the Embassy said on X.

Somalia’s Ministry of Health did not provide details about these children’s medical journey to Italy, but the Italian NGO, GRT, Niguarda hospital and Somalia’s Hormuud Salaam Foundation made collaboration on this life-saving program.

Italian medical experts conducted a two-day screening for children with heart disease at Jazeera Hotel in Mogadishu on November 25th and 26th last year while Hormuud Salaam Foundation said at the time that most of the 119 babies will be sent to Italy for medical procedures to save their young lives and give them a second chance at life.

“A total of 119 children with heart conditions received expert medical evaluations, which found that 80% of these brave children require heart surgery. This sets the stage for potential life-saving surgeries in Italy in the coming months, supported by HSF”, HSF said in a statement.

“As medical practitioners, it’s both a privilege and a responsibility to bring our expertise to regions where healthcare resources are scarce. Witnessing the resilience of these children facing heart conditions amidst challenging circumstances is humbling. The collaboration with Hormuud Salaam Foundation underscores the importance of global partnerships in ensuring access to specialized care”, Dr. Marianeschi Stefano, the Italian lead doctor, said.

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