Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Mogadishu Mayor, Yusuf Hussein Madale on Sunday urged the members of the Federal Parliament of Somalia for move the provisional consitiution to move forward and complete it as soon as possible.

Speaking after his participation at a special session of the Parliament committee for the Security and Internal Affairs where he was asked questions regarding to the incidents related to the Security in the capital, said that he and his team replied to the questions.

“The Parliament did good jobs which resulted in lifting arms embargo, debt relief and recognition to the Government’s achievments after passed key laws. It is not possible that the constitution remains incomplete since 2004”, Madale said.

He commended the lawmakers for approving the procedure that will pave a way for amendments to be made into the provisional constitution on January 2024, despite divisions members from the bicameral and rejections from opposition politicians.

” We can no wait for a reactionary politician whose win in an election is uncertain and he who promises to complete the constitution during his presidential candidacy. You took a good move regarding to this about weeks earlier, go foraward and complete it, in order, we may might make developments”, Madale added.

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