At least two people, a father and his daughter were on Tuesday confirmed dead and three others were injured after several mortar rounds landed near Somalia’s Presidential Place in Mogadishu.

The victims, all members of the same family, suffered the fatal consequences when a mortar shell struck their home. Maalim Aweys, a highly regarded Quran school teacher, and his daughter Halima Macalin lost their lives in the incident. Naimo Mohamed Abdi, the mother, along with her two children, Isra Maalim Aweys and Mohamed Maalim Aweys Madey, sustained injuries during the assault.

The neighborhoods of Hamar-Jajab and Waberi were also targeted by the mortar shells, leaving them reeling from the relentless attack that wreaked havoc upon the area.

As the residents of these affected areas grapple with the aftermath of the devastating incident, the motive behind the attacks remains unknown. Thus far, security agencies have not issued any official statements regarding the attacks, leaving the community searching for answers.

Al-Shabaab militants did not comment on the latest attack on residential areas in the capital so far.

While the perpetrators of this specific attack have not been identified, recent times have witnessed an alarming increase in activities by Al-Shabaab militants, which has been relentlessly launching a series of attacks in the capital, causing widespread concern and further heightening tensions.

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