Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Somali Police forces arrested a man who murdered his neighbor with an axe at Ceel-gelow village in Halane department of Mogadishu’s Wadajir district on Friday afternoon.

30 years old Fahad Wasrsame who was allegedly said to be mentally unfit, killed his neighbor, Abdifitah according to the families of the victim and the murderer and the Police officers in Wadajir district.

“We heard the shocking incident from Jungal neighborhood in Heliwa district and came here to see my brother who was brutally killed by a man identified to be man. His killing was used with an axe, no one can recognize his face and his body. there were heavy wounds on his face, neck and back. We demand justice from the Government”, said, victim’s causin who was crying before the camera.

The Police forces the dead man to the Criminal Investigations Department and allowed the family of the victim that they discharge from the station and bury him, but they did not provide details about the deadly incident, except arresting the perpetrator.

“I am very sad to killing of our neighbor, Abdifitah. My brother killed him with an axe, he was mad, he was released in recent. but this is not the first time he carried out violent attack on someone. he stabbed to injuries to our brother and he also wounded our father with an axe earlier. He is …mad”, another female member from the family of the murderer said. She said that her brother was educated, but he was sick for almost seven years.

The homicide incidents have increased in the capital Mogadishu in the past 7 weeks during this new year alone, reasons for such crimes remain uncertainty so far, despite Police and Security forces’s pursuits.

About a week ago, Somali Police Force’s Criminal Investigation Department began probe into the assassination of senior official from Civil Aviation Authority, Abdinasir Muse Abdirahman who was found dead in his room in the same Wadajir district

About two weeks earlier, Abdirahman Maclow, a school teacher was stabbed to death in the same Wadajir district. A female student’s brother committed the murder after his sister was chased from SIIDII Primary and Secondary school for her wrong-doing according to the Principal.

Source: Mogadishu24

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