Taipei(Mogadishu24)–Executive Under-Secretary Chen Liguo ofTaiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held meeting with the Breakaway Republic of Somaliland’s Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Development, Rabi Sharif Abdi Mohamed Thursday.

The meeting focused on strengthening cooperation between Taiwan and Somaliland in fisheries and water resources management, with discussions on trade and the strategic Red Sea region. Both parties expressed eagerness to further solidify their bilateral relationship.

Highlighting shared values of democracy, freedom, and the rule of law, Deputy Minister Chen emphasized Somaliland’s role as a crucial partner in Africa and expressed Taiwan’s intention to share its fisheries expertise.

Minister Mohamed acknowledged Taiwan’s support and pointed to Somaliland’s extensive coastline and marine wealth, proposing future collaborations in research, technology, and fishery development to attract Taiwanese investment and initiate trade, aiming for mutual benefits.

According to Taiwan Media, the two sides are not official allies, but they opened representative offices in each other’s capitals in 2020. Both Somaliland and Taiwan are not recognized as they claimed separation for Somalia and China respectively.

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