Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-Somaliland’s ruling party has accepted the resolutions made by the mediation committee comprising traditional elders to resolve the election dispute that arose from the decision made by the election commission.

In an official statement, President Musa Bihi Abdi stated that the government has strongly accepted the resolutions proposed by the mediation committee.

“We are informing you that the government has accepted the proposal of the traditional elders who have taken on the responsibility of the mediation process, considering the overall consultation and the country’s general situation,” the presidential statement read.

The President of Somaliland has called on the Senate and the House of Representatives to adhere to the resolutions regarding the policies and regulations of elections in Somaliland.

“Therefore, to ensure the effectiveness of the elections, we urge the Parliament (Senate and Representatives) to comply with the traditional elders’ proposals regarding the regulations and election policies of the country,” the statement read.

Somaliland’s opposition parties, Waddani and UCID, have equally accepted the decisions made by the committee and highlighted that collaboration is essential to overcome challenges that could undermine Somaliland’s existence.

The committee has decided that the presidential and the political party elections to be held the at the same time, to address the dispute previously caused by the decisions of the election commission.

A month ago, Somaliland’s Election Commission put an end to the long-awaited election schedule by setting dates for the disputed presidential and political parties elections.

The commission announced that the presidential elections are scheduled to take place on 13th November 2024, finally providing clarity after numerous previous delays.

They also stated the political Parties elections will be held for December 28, 2023, allowing only three political parties to participate in the presidential elections, as well as receiving party certificates valid for ten years.

“That the elections of the political parties will be held on 28th December 2023. In order to obtain certificates for the next 10 years, three eligible political parties will be selected in accordance with Article 5, Chapter 3 (j) of the provisions of the National Electoral Commission,” read the statement from the election commission.

The statement further stated, “That the presidential and vice-presidential elections will be held one month before the end of the current president and vice president’s term, in accordance with Article 89, Chapter 2 of the Constitution of Somaliland, which is 13th November 2024. This is in line with the extension of term passed by the senate.”

The commission’s announcement met with strong opposition from Somaliland’s Opposition Parties, citing favouritism and accusing the commission of disregarding the legal procedures for electing a president.

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