Oslo(Mogadishu24)-President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud delivered a keynote address at the Oslo Forum 2024, emphasizing Somalia’s ongoing efforts to combat international terrorism and promote regional stability. The forum, with the theme “Mediation Against All Odds,” gathered global leaders, conflict mediators, and peace advocates to discuss critical issues of conflict resolution and security.

In his speech, President Mohamud detailed Somalia’s persistent battle against terrorism and the recent successes of the government’s comprehensive offensive, which has liberated vast areas from extremist control.

“Our determined offensive has achieved substantial victories, reclaiming large territories and significantly disrupting terrorist activities,” President Mohamud stated.

He highlighted the Somali government’s commitment to peaceful conflict resolution, which includes political engagement and offering amnesty to those who abandon extremist ideologies.

“We are committed to every peaceful measure available to reduce extremist violence, including political dialogues and providing amnesty to those who renounce terrorism,” he said. “However, the global reach of these terrorists complicates our efforts.”

President Mohamud also addressed the broader issue of regional stability, criticizing Ethiopia’s recent actions that violate Somalia’s territorial integrity and contravene international norms.

“Ethiopia’s illegal encroachments on our territory undermine not only international law but also our regional stability and efforts to combat terrorism,” he asserted.

Earlier in the day, President Mohamud held talks with Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, discussing various key issues, including the strategic cooperation between Norway and Somalia, the Somali government’s counter-terrorism initiatives, and the ongoing promotion of regional peace. They also addressed Ethiopia’s violations of Somali sovereignty and the implications for regional security.

Prime Minister Støre reaffirmed Norway’s support for Somalia, emphasizing the importance of continued partnership in the fight against terrorism and in fostering regional stability.

“Norway stands with Somalia in its efforts to achieve security and stability,” Prime Minister Støre remarked.

President Mohamud’s participation in the Oslo Forum highlights Somalia’s crucial role in global peace and security discussions and underscores the country’s resolve in overcoming significant challenges to achieve lasting peace.

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